Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Reviews

At one point or another, I'm sure all of us have felt like we're living inside an oven as the temperature inside our houses keeps increasing. We've all had that moment of regret when the fruits and vegetables we bought the previous day have become soggy and spoiled as we kept it in the open instead of a refrigerator.

This is all because we fail to understand and predict the temperature around us. Temperature is nothing but the degree of hotness or coldness of a substance. Evaluation and measurements of local temperature are done with the help of using an instrument called a thermometer.

best indoor outdoor thermometer review

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of thermometers is that it is a device used to check the body temperature. However, thermometers are also used in agricultural, hospitality, medical, food and processing, restaurants, and other venues.

The kind of thermometer allows you to look at the temperature of your house is Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. Usually, a hygrometer or humidity monitor is also present along with this indoor outdoor thermometer for added benefits. Here are our top picks of the best indoor outdoor thermometers on the market.

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Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Reviews in 2022

1. ThermoPro TP65A - Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 2022

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4.75/5

ThermoPro TP65A is one of the best indoor/outdoor thermometer which is equipped with professional-grade indoor outdoor sensors. It allows you to adjust and plan your household activities using the precise readings of both the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

This inside outside thermometer is extremely user-friendly, catering to every need of the consumer. It has a large LCD screen with big digits and great viewing angles. The display has good contrast and can be seen easily from a distance as well.

The display is aided by a backlight and ensures that you can access the readings in low light and dim conditions. It allows us to check up on the readings easily during night time as well. The touchscreen display makes it easy to change the settings without removing the thermometer from any wall or fridge mountings.

TP65A wireless indoor outdoor thermometer has a sleek and compact design that allows it to be placed in a number of places. It has a wall hook, a durable stand, and a magnetic back for mounting options, so you can also use it as a wall thermometer. It can also be placed anywhere you desire as it is cold-resistant and weatherproof and can be used all year round.

It can record the maximum and minimum readings with its all-time 24 hours display and also has trend indicators showing you if the temperature is rising or falling with temperature and humidity level icons.

Final Words:

TP65A is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged by a USB charging cable included with the thermometer set. This makes it convenient and easy while saving you loads of money on replaceable batteries and reducing waste.

Apart from this, battery power is conserved as the display switches off after 15 seconds of inactivity on the touchscreen. There is also a low battery indicator letting you know when to plug in the device. This is one of the top rated indoor outdoor thermometers and we bet you won't regret buying it. 


  • Cold-resistant and Weatherproof
  • Upgraded lithium battery technology
  • 200 feet wireless transmission range
  • Multiple placement options


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Easy to read with large digits
  • Low battery indicator
  • Most accurate indoor outdoor thermometer
  • Display automatically switches off after 15 seconds of no use


  • Magnetic strips at the back are feeble

2. AcuRite 00782A2 - Best Acurite Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 

Best Acurite Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4.5/5

AcuRite Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 00782A2 is one of the most precise and dependable indoor outdoor thermometers available in the market. The outdoor sensors have a large transmission range, and you can view the temperature of your garden or backyard from the comfort of your room. You can stay updated continuously about the temperature conditions in your home by using this device.

It is built using a wireless temperature sensor consisting of a thermistor. The display unit receives the readings from a wide range of 100 feet in the open area. The measurements are accurate, precise, and reliable.

You can also access the temperature inside your house using the indoor sensor and know the temperature of different rooms or locations. However, one thing to keep in mind is that both the indoor and outdoor temperature values can only be obtained in Fahrenheit measurements.

The digital indoor outdoor thermometer has a number of placement options, and its compact and small stature allows you to observe and place the sensor in the tiniest of places. There's a durable kickstand that can be folded out for use on tabletops. There are also wall hooks and keyholes integrated on the back of the unit for hanging on walls.

Final Words: 

This indoor-outdoor thermometer has a large display with big, bold digits so that you can view them from a distance. Despite the small size of the device, you will face no problem in viewing the temperature measurements. 

If you prefer a device that doesn't need a magnifying glass to see the values and is easy to read, this is the best indoor outdoor thermometer that you can buy. The attractive display lets you know all you need with a single glance. Overall this temperature monitoring system is worth the money spent. 


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Displays temperature readings in Fahrenheit
  • Wireless transmission range of 100 feet
  • Integrated keyholes for hanging on walls


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to read display
  • Compact and small body
  • Records temperature in multiple locations


  • Falters slightly in sub-zero temperatures

3. Govee WiFi Thermometer - Best Indoor Thermometer with Smart App

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Smart App


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4.4/5

Govee WiFi Thermometer is one of the best indoor thermometers with an incredibly programmed app that lets you access the temperature data at your fingertips. Thus, you can keep an eye on your house and property even when you're far away. You'll be instantly alerted as soon as the temperature crosses the desired value.

The wireless temperature sensor is also equipped with a humidity gauge to help you get a complete picture of your surroundings. The measurements from the indoor sensors are highly accurate and reliable, giving you incredibly precise readings.

One of the best features of the Govee indoor digital thermometer is its two years of data export capacity. All the recorded values and measurements of the humidity and temperature can be accessed easily on your phone as the data is uploaded in CSV format via Wi-Fi.

Pairing up with the app is quite easy. After downloading the app from the play store or AppStore, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network and log in with your email id. In case you can't log in, check your Wi-Fi connection as weak connections don't allow syncing. Also, check that your router is compatible. Give your device name and number; then you're good to go.

Remember to replace your battery every three months as the app won't sync if your device has a low battery. The monitor automatically goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power. In this mode, data is still measured and logged into the device.

However, as the Govee indoor temperature gauge doesn't access Wi-Fi in this power-saving mode, data isn't uploaded onto the app. But the monitor awakes from sleep mode to log data every 10 minutes, so don't worry if you don't find any data logged in. Try refreshing it again after some time.

Final Words: 

Govee digital indoor thermometer's best feature is definitely the smart app, which has the amalgamation of all the best possible features needed for you to know your surroundings better.

The app enables you to store and share data easily. You can also change the settings non manually through the app. If you're a person who's on the go and would like to access and change your device's settings away from home, then this tech-savvy device is the best solution for you.


  • Comprehensive and user-friendly app
  • 35 sets of memory data
  • Sleep mode for battery conservation
  • Temperature and humidity records are displayed graphically


  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Well programmed app
  • Good battery life


  • Data exporting on the app can be done only with WiFi

4. ThermoPro TP55 - Best Indoor Room Thermometer

Best Inexpensive Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4.2/5

ThermoPro TP55 is one of the best indoor room thermometers in terms of accuracy, and it has industrial-grade sensors built into it. It's suitable for measuring the indoor temperature of room, letting you know if you need to make any alterations using a thermostat or other means. 

You can choose to obtain the temperature readings at either °C or °F. Apart from the temperature recording unit, it also aided by a hygrometer to know your environment's humidity levels.

The screen is large enough and bright for easy viewing. It is supported by a blue backlight so that you can easily see measurements in dim conditions. The backlight automatically switches off after 15 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery power.

TP55 indoor room thermometer presents data in an extremely professional manner with an all-time 24/12 hour display. This means you can see all the data recorded over the past day at your convenience. You can see the temperature and humidity value history as well. 

There's also a humidity level indicator to let you know if the surroundings are too dry, wet, or just right. You can keep it anywhere you need as there is a convenient mounting option for every location. It is long-lasting and durable, coming with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Final Words:

Among various other devices in the market, we've seen that this one has the best representation in a professional yet easy to understand format. The highest and lowest values of both temperature and humidity are stored, and there are trend arrows to indicate if there's been a rise or fall in the conditions.

If you want a comprehensive and professional representation of your room temperature and humidity, then this thermometer is definitely for you!


  • Large 4 inch LCD touchscreen display with backlight
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius selector
  • All-time or 24-hour display of readings
  • Strong magnet, hanging hole and kickstand


  • Fridge magnets are strong
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to understand
  • Button positioning is ideal


  • Calibration is tricky
  • Accuracy diminishes with time

5. La Crosse Technology 308-1414B-INT - Best Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Best Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4/5

La crosse Technology 308-1414B-INT is the best choice if you are looking for a very accurate and reliable indoor outdoor thermometer. Its LCD has weather icons that tell you if it is sunny, partly sunny, snowy, rainy, or stormy.

You will also find temperature alerts for both indoors and outdoor. Its wireless transmits over 330ft range. However, obstructions like trees, bushes, walls, etc.

You can keep it in various places, hang it on your wall hook, or just place it on your table with its stand.

The display can record and relay the highest and lowest temperature readings of the day, and you can change it from the maximum to minimum settings and vice versa using a toggle.

This wireless weather thermometer has indicator icons on display, letting you know whether your signal strength or battery is running low. Another nifty feature is that it comes with a one-time alarm feature with a 10-minute snooze option if you need an alert to check on your thermometer set.

Final Words:

One of the best aspects of this indoor-outdoor digital thermometer is that it can be placed anywhere. With various mounting options like a hook, stand, and magnetic back, it is easy to keep it in a place you deem convenient. It is also extremely sleek and compact and thus provides for easy transportation.

Its mobile nature lets you carry it on an RV, boats, cottages, lodges, and other areas. It is also weather-resistant to light moisture. So if you reside in a place with cold weather, this can be your ideal thermometer. 


  • Atomic self set time & date
  • Wide transmission range of up to 330 feet
  • Color weather forecast
  • Temperature alerts


  • Low battery indicator
  • Signal and connection strength indicator
  • This indoor outdoor thermometer wireless is easy to assemble 
  • Easy to read display with large digits and adjustable brightness


  • Customer support is poor.

6. Taylor B01ALO555E - Best Taylor Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Best Taylor Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4/5

The Taylor wireless Indoor outdoor thermometer is one of the best companions to help you understand your surroundings better. Though you can rely on your local weather station for forecasts, they are generalized to serve a larger scale, and a tool like this helps you access data relevant to your area.

The design is sleek, attractive and designed to benefit the user in all aspects. It is small and compact and has a large LCD screen with big digits ensuring good readability. There's a built-in clock as an additional feature.

Using the Taylor indoor outdoor thermometer ensures that you will know your surroundings better and be prepared in advance to adjust the environmental conditions in case of unfavorable measurements. 

You can set your thermostat levels based on the readings of the thermometer. The thermometer has a 200 feet wireless transmission range, which allows you to observe the readings at your convenience without any physical exertion.

Final Words:

Do you want a outdoor indoor thermometer unit that can withstand every weather condition and season so that you don't need to worry about it? Do you live in an area with harsh weather that faces extreme temperatures? Well, the Taylor indoor outdoor thermometer is definitely an apt pick for you. 

The indoor sensor has alkaline batteries, and the outdoor sensor has sealed lithium batteries, which means that it can withstand any type of weather and transmit measurements even in rain or snow. So, what are you waiting for? Get one now!


  • 200 feet wireless transmission range
  • Interconvertible between °C and °F
  • Built-in clock
  • Records greatest and least values


  • Strong penetration power
  • Simple assembly
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use


  • Accuracy reduces after a few years
  • Both sensors take time to adjust to their surroundings

7. ORIA B07HVLXXXF - Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer for Accuracy

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer for Accuracy


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 4/5

Oria inside outside thermometer unit is your best companion to navigate three atmospheric conditions at your house and ensure you breathe quality air. It can be linked with up to 3 different remote sensors placed either indoors or outdoors. The temperature measurements are accurate and precise, with the display showcasing inside and outside temperature at once. 

The recordings of all the remote sensors can be shown on the screen simultaneously. There is a rate changing icon on the display which detects the rate of change of the atmospheric conditions and alerts you in case of rapid changes.

The LCD of this weather thermometer is large, and you can turn on the backlight by switching on a button marked as "Light". The backlight ensures that you can clearly see the display without straining your eyes in dim, low light, and dark situations like night time. The backlight has an auto switch-off feature after 5 seconds of no usage.

The battery power is quite good and long-lasting, with a low battery indicator icon on display to alert you when replacements are needed. A thing to keep in mind is to check the batteries polarity before inserting them as it may lead to complications otherwise.

Final Words: 

Do you want to know the temperature of certain areas in your property but are daunted by complex equipment to deal with? Are you worried it will be difficult to use and maintain a temperature sensor? It looks like the Oria indoor outdoor thermometer unit is made for you.

The assembly of this indoor outdoor thermometer is easy with various placement options and has a wide wireless transmission range. This is one of the simplest devices to operate, and you can use it in your house, gardens, or offices. If simplicity is what you seek, we recommend you buy one now!


  • 3 outdoor remote sensors can be synced
  • Range of 100m for wireless transmission
  • Backlit display


  • Simple to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Monitors multiple zones


  • A bit slow in updating readings
  • Backlight usage drains the battery quickly

8. ThermoPro TP60S - Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer for Portability

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer for Portability


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

The ThermoPro TP60S digital indoor outdoor thermometer has a wide transmission range to record the indoor and outdoor temperature effortlessly. It can wirelessly transmit data for up to 200 feet, and the signals have strong penetration power. It also includes a hygrometer in addition to monitor humidity.

This indoor outdoor digital thermometer saves the highest and lowest values for all time past 24 hours and displays it on the screen. Trend arrows let you know if the temperature is getting hotter or cooler in the surroundings.

Both the indoor and outdoor temperature measurements are relayed simultaneously, and the ThermoPro unit can sync with up to 3 sensors to check measurements at different places.

Temperature and humidity control are aided by this device, which lets you know if you need to alter your thermostat or humidifier settings.

Using this device, you can reduce allergens, pollutants, mold, and other factors to improve your health and lifestyle. It can be used in incubators, fish and reptile tanks, greenhouses, gardens, houses, offices, etc.

Final Words:

Do you prefer both style and performance? Would you want to own an accurate yet decorative thermometer? This means that the ThermoPro TP60S is the one you should consider. 

It has a stylish, sleek, and ergonomic design that is compact and lightweight. It is easily portable and matches the decor. Its LCD screen is bright and clear with large, bold digits and a backlight, making the ThermoPro TP60S one of our top picks.


  • Can sync with 3 remote sensors
  • Reset information when required
  • Graphical representation of data


  • Weatherproof
  • Simple to mount
  • Compact and small


  • Maximum and minimum value button is at the back, inaccessible when wall mounted
  • Stutters in foggy weather

9. Auing Thermometer - Best Electronic Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Best Electronic Indoor Outdoor Thermometer


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 3.7/5

Auing indoor-outdoor thermometers are one of the best around. The digital indoor outdoor thermometer has a wide wireless transmission range of 200 feet, which means you can access temperature data at your leisure. No physical wires, cables, or connections are required, and transmission is smooth and hassle-free.

A humidity monitor is also present in addition to the digital indoor outdoor thermometer to record the surrounding area's humidity levels. The thermometer's display is a four Inch LCD touchscreen that displays the indoor and outdoor temperature readings simultaneously. 

You can change the settings of the device by gently pressing the screen. The screen is aided by a blue backlight, making it easy on the eyes while observing it during the night time or dim lighting conditions. The backlight turns off after 10 seconds since the last touch to save battery power. 

In case the LCD screen doesn't turn on, a battery replacement may be required. Ensure that the thermometer isn't immersed in water or exposed to extreme high and low temperature. This may lead to damage to the device's electronic and plastic components.

Final Words:

Do you want to observe the temperature of specific rooms in your house? Do you need to know the temperature and humid conditions of various places? Then Auing indoor outdoor temperature clock may be your best choice. 

The thermometer can be synced with sensors at three different locations to help you get a better idea of the temperature conditions. This way, you can monitor the temperature and humidity of different areas in your home like your nursery, reptile tank, greenhouse, garden, and others. Also, this is one of the best rated indoor outdoor thermometers.


  • Large 4 inch LCD touchscreen display
  • Multiple sensor data
  • Pairing with up to 3 remote sensors
  • Battery operated indoor outdoor thermometer


  • Weatherproof
  • Accurate
  • Easy to read display


  • Only one sensor is sold in the unit

10. Wittime Latest 2079 - best indoor outdoor thermometer with humidity monitor

Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer for Display Quality


Easy to Read
Battery Life

Overall Rating - 3.65/5

The Wittime indoor outdoor thermometer clock has a unique, stylish design that blends with your home decor and can be given as a gift on special occasions. It features a humidity monitor in addition to the indoor outdoor thermometer for better functioning. It is highly accurate because of its professional-grade high precision sensors.

A built-in pressure sensor serves to give you personalized weather forecasting and helps you be prepared for what nature throws at you. The sensor has a wide transmission range of 328 feet and strong penetration power.

Weather data of 12- 24 hour periods are stored for your reference. Weather graphics help you acquire a better understanding of your environment. You can also set alarms in this device, and yes, there is a snooze feature you're bound to use!

The highest and lowest values and historical data is represented on the screen, along with trend arrows to let you know if your surroundings are getting hotter or colder. A forecast icon is present to indicate weather predictions on display.

A calendar and timestamp are presented on display as well. You can mount in a multitude of places using the magnetic back, durable stand, wall hook, and a detachable bracket for keeping the thermometer upright without support. 

Final Words:

The Wittime wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer has a beautiful HD display that attracts everyone's attention effortlessly. It has a colored screen with large and bold digits making it easy to read. The screen is incredibly sensitive, and the slightest touch is enough to change the settings. 

However, the fact that the display is completely waterproof. If you want to own a display to die for, invest in a Wittime remote indoor outdoor thermometer right away!


  • Precise and reliable sensors
  • 328 feet of wireless transmission
  • Detachable support on vertical flat surfaces


  • Flexible and easy placement
  • Easy to view
  • Accurate and reliable weather forecasting


  • Need to reset during battery replacement

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Buying Guide

  • Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Types of Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The indoor-outdoor thermometer is not restricted to only a single type, but you can get it in two varied types to use it to the maximum potential. With the assistance of these indoor-outdoor thermometers, you need not get two separate thermometers for measuring the temperature ranges, but a single one can easily suffice the needs.

The most basic type of indoor outdoor thermometers is listed below. You can even get more sophisticated ones, but these are the basic categories of indoor/outdoor thermometers that you can possess.

1. Glass Thermometer

With the glass indoor outdoor thermometer, you will witness that capillary is connected to the bulb of the thermometer that helps in the functioning of the thermometer. The actual temperature that is measured with this thermometer is usually measured at the bulb end. But, this thermometer is not designed to offer exact results for the temperature values. So, it is always advisable to use this thermometer at places where a low cost of maintenance and application is required.

This sort of indoor outdoor thermometer suffers from low accuracy as the capillary and bulb are not aligned at the same level. To achieve accuracy in readings with these thermometers, a slight change in the design of the thermometer should be made to make it functional. The most common design methodology that needs to be implemented with the design of the thermometer is that the diameter of the bulb should be increased, and the capillary should be minimized to observe accurate readings.

2. Electronic thermometer

Electronic or Digital indoor outdoor thermometer are considered more reliable and accurate than glass thermometers for measuring indoor outdoor temperature. They contain various sensors that keep the user updated about various temperature changes.

They are mostly wireless so that one can place it any place of their convenience and can make the most out of it. With indoor outdoor wireless thermometers, most of the sensors are battery powered so that the user can place the sensor at any location for which he wants to collect the weather details.

Electronic thermometers also offer a great refreshing rate so that updated and precise values are encountered to make a decision. You don't need any connections or some installation process to start using the digital thermometers.

You can also encounter these electronic/digital thermometers in the wall hanging fashion as well. These indoor outdoor thermometers will display the temperature values even when they are hung on the wall, so many people predominantly use it.

How to use an Indoor Outdoor Thermometer?

When you have an indoor/outdoor thermometer at your place, the most important question that strikes your mind is how to use it? Are there any specific criteria that need to be followed to use it? Need not worry!! We are here to shoo away your issues and guide you with the right way to use the indoor-outdoor thermometer.

The driving force behind the working of an indoor outdoor thermometer is the presence of mercury inside the bulb. Mercury is highly immune from boiling and freezing, so it plays a crucial role in using the thermometer. As soon as the temperature in the surroundings rises, the level of mercury increases, and when the temperature decreases, the mercury level also falls down.

This working phenomenon helps to use the indoor outdoor thermometer. The best part is that you don't need any external supervision to set up the indoor outdoor thermometer for your place; instead, you can easily understand its working process by just knowing some basic things. 

What is Barometric Pressure and how it affects the Temperature?

When we talk about the temperature changes, you must have heard about the term barometric pressure. What is barometric pressure? Is it something very difficult to understand? What role does it have to play in the temperature? To answer all of your questions, keep reading till the end, and you can easily understand the barometric pressure and its effect.

Barometric pressure is a term that is used to define the amount of air pressure in the atmosphere. Or in other words, barometric pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by the air molecules at a specific point on the earth's surface.

Barometric pressure doesn't remain constant, and it keeps on changing depending upon the place where it is measured. So, saying that barometric pressure is the same everywhere is not the case. You need to keep this fact in consideration that barometric pressure keeps on changing.

Now, how does this barometric pressure affects the temperature is a big question to ponder over. In a scenario when atmospheric pressure is lower than the surroundings, a low-pressure area is created. This type of change produces high winds, warm air, clouds, or turbulent weather conditions in the surroundings. The temperature remains moderate in low-pressure areas as the heat doesn't get trapped by the clouds. Therefore, areas with low pressure can't remain warm.

On the other hand, when the atmospheric pressure is greater than the surroundings, it can be considered a high-pressure area. The high-pressure area is associated with the light winds at the surface. Therefore, the areas with high pressure usually witness clear skies and calm weather. Seasonal temperatures are observed in the high-pressure area as there are no clouds observed that can trap the sun's heat; therefore, the sky usually remains clear.

This is how barometric pressure affects the temperature around you. We hope that this could answer all your queries and helps to analyze barometric pressure.

If you want to achieve more accurate readings of the pH levels, then the digital pH meter is the best choice. No doubt, even a litmus paper can serve the purpose, but the precision and accuracy observed with these meters are commendable.

Factors need to consider before buying an Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Before grabbing the indoor outdoor thermometer for your place, you must be wondering how you can know that this is the right thermometer for your place or how can you find the factors that define a good thermometer? Is there any specific set of factors that need to be considered before grabbing the indoor/outdoor thermometer for your place?

Even if you are a naive user and are not familiar with the indoor outdoor thermometer to a great extent, you can make a wise decision for your thermometer by considering the following factors. 

1. Accuracy:

Accuracy is one of the key features for which you seek the assistance of an indoor outdoor thermometer. If the thermometer fluctuates a lot, then there is no use in possessing it. While buying the indoor outdoor thermometer, keep a proper check on this factor. Have a look at the refresh rate and the number of fluctuations observed in the readings from the standard one.

Also, make sure that the indoor outdoor thermometer comes with a detailed manual with the precise value of the temperature range for which it can work properly. Never underestimate this factor while buying the indoor outdoor thermometer for your home. You can find an abundance of brands in the market that are offering a great deal of indoor/outdoor thermometers for your home but considering all the features and neglecting this crucial factor is never a great deal to go with. 

2. Great display:

While buying the indoor outdoor thermometer for your home, you will witness various thermometers with various display sizes. You must be thinking about what role this display has to play for the thermometer? But, this is one of the most important aspects that you should seek in an indoor outdoor thermometer.

When the display is not of the optimum size, it hinders the reading capability, and you can't easily read the values. While buying the indoor outdoor thermometer, one should always seek that the size of the display must be optimum enough so that readings can even be seen from some distant place.

If you get a good display with the backlight, this is a great asset for you, and you need not seek any other thermometer, and you can simply grab the one for you.

With the assistance of a backlight, the readability is enhanced to a great extent. You can surely check this factor before buying the indoor and outdoor thermometer for your home.

3. Check temperature range:

When you are planning to buy an indoor outdoor thermometer for your home, then checking the temperature range as per your needs is one of the crucial steps. Some thermometers display the temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. But, some don't offer this feature. If you seek something specific as per their location, then checking this thing is one of the most important things that you can go for.

If you reside in a cold place, your temperature measurement requirements would be quite different than if you reside in a hot place. Therefore, keep a check on the temperature range of the thermometer as per your location.

If the thermometer stands up to your expectations of the temperature range, give it a green signal and grab it. On the other hand, if it is not able to suffice your needs, then neglect the thermometer and search for the one that stands by your expectations. Also, check the sensors that come accompanied by the thermometer to check whether they will be sufficient for your needs or not. 

4. Range to perceive signals:

Before purchasing the indoor outdoor thermometer, you should be sure about where you want to place the thermometer and the expected range that you seek for the sensors to work properly. You should properly check that if you want to place the thermometer at some confined place, it must have powerful sensors to precisely detect the changing temperature.

Make sure that the sensors have an excellent perception range and can receive the signals even within their premise with various hindrances. Also, keep a check that if metal things come in between the sensors, will it block the path of the signal receiving or not.

5. Placement of thermometer:

When you think of purchasing the indoor outdoor thermometer, you encounter the choice of getting the one that can be wall-mounted or used as a tabletop. Both of these have their own set of advantages. It wholly depends upon your choice that you want to go with. Both of these thermometers are good for depicting the temperature readings and act as a good piece to beautify your place.

No doubt, getting any of the two will make your life easier, but if you go with the one that can be placed as tabletop, that can be more convenient. With this type of thermometer, you can easily relocate the base station without any problem.

You won’t face a lot of difficulty with the wall-mounted indoor outdoor thermometer, but using a tabletop design can make it much simpler and easier to perform. So we can say that the best placement for indoor outdoor thermometer sensor is on a table top. 

6. Analyse your budget:

Adhering to your budget is one of the most important factors that you should never neglect while getting the indoor outdoor thermometer for your home. Nowadays, thermometers come with several features in addition to get the temperature readings. There are luring features that a thermometer can offer to you, such as a humidity meter, barometric pressure readings, snooze alarms to keep you updated, and much more. But all the things that the thermometers have in store for you are not required by you at every instance.

You should be clear with the requirements and the amount that you can spend on purchasing the thermometer. By keeping a proper analysis of this thing, you can seek the thermometers that suit your requirements. Don't fall prey to the extra features and luring features that thermometers offer if they are not useful to you.

Stay focussed on what you need and then only grab the optimum thermometer for your place. This factor is mostly ignored by a large number of people while buying the indoor-outdoor thermometer, but it should be given utmost priority while buying the thermometer.

Frequently Asked Questions About pH Meter

1. How does an indoor-outdoor thermometer work?

The indoor outdoor thermometer works with the underlying mercury or alcohol present in it. The thermometer consists of a glass tube that is partly filled with liquor or mercury and sealed at both ends. As soon as the temperature around the bulb rises or it heats up, the liquid sealed inside the tube rises.

As soon as the temperature rises in the tube then the liquid expands to get the temperature reading. This expansion helps to determine the temperature around the place. So, this is how indoor outdoor temperature works.

2. Where is the best place to put an outdoor thermometer?

An indoor outdoor thermometer should not be placed under direct sunlight at any time because there are feasible chances that the sunlight can disrupt the functionality of the thermometer.

You can either place it under the shade of a tree or a north-facing porch to get the best results. You should protect the outdoor thermometer from any sort of extreme condition like rain, snow, or ice. Placing the thermometer approximately four to six feet above the ground can be an optimum place to put the outdoor thermometer.

3. Is there any accurate outdoor thermometer?

With the advent of time, various accurate outdoor thermometers are available in the market. With these thermometers, you can expect a precise and updated reading without landing yourself in any trouble.

Some of the most accurate outdoor thermometers comprise of ThermoPro, Taylor, Miksus, and Bjerg. These are some of the prominent names in the market that offer precise high readings for outdoor thermometers. You can go for any of them, but ThermoPro is the leading among all.

4. Where should you place an indoor thermometer?

When it comes to indoor thermometers, it becomes quite challenging where one should place them so that accurate reading can be observed. Indoor thermometers work with the sensors that come equipped with them.

So, the best place to put an indoor thermometer can be a place that is free from obstructions like a wall or some other hindrance. Suppose you place the metal in direct contact with the sensor of the indoor thermometer. In that case, it can block the signal's path, and the indoor thermometer's functionality deteriorates. 

The indoor thermometer can be preferably placed on the wall or as a tabletop inside the house with fewer obstructions. It can be placed approximately four to six feet above the ground to gain better readings with utmost precision levels. So, this fact should always be considered while placing the indoor thermometer at your premises. 

5. Which type of room thermometer is the most accurate?

Room thermometers are specifically designed to keep track of the room temperature around you. These sorts of thermometers have electronic sensors and digital displays. The digital thermometers are best suited as room thermometers as they offer accurate readings.

You can also get glass or plastic thermometers for measuring the room temperature. These thermometers come at a low price, and they even come in packs that can help you easily grab them as per your comfort.

6. what is the best wireless indoor outdoor thermometer?

ThermoPro TP65A is the best indoor outdoor thermometer equipped with unique features to measure accurate temperature indoors and outdoors. This sleek device easily fits into any place, and its weather-resistant feature adds extra benefits.

7. How do you test an outdoor thermometer?

To test an outdoor thermometer for the precision levels, you should either perform the thermometer's ice point or boiling point test. When you perform the ice point testing, you should place the thermometer sensor inside a cup of ice water.

If the thermometer reads 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius, then the test is successful; otherwise, not. You can even perform the boiling point test, but it is not as reliable as the ice point test because the boiling point is also altered by several factors, including air pressure or altitude.

In case you want to perform it, you can do it in the same way as the ice point test and compare the readings to check the test results.

8. What would an indoor thermometer range usually be?

The most common indoor thermometer range lies between -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit for the indoor thermometer. This is the standard range that an indoor thermometer should abide by. But there can be various other ranges depending upon your location or preference. 

9. How often calibration is needed for the thermometer?

Most indoor outdoor thermometers come with self-calibration, and you need not perform them manually. But, if you are searching for very accurate and crucial readings, you can calibrate them manually on a monthly or annual basis, depending upon your needs.

10. Why there is a need to have an indoor-outdoor thermometer?

There can be various purposes that are sufficed with the assistance of indoor outdoor thermometers. But, one of the major reasons to have the best indoor and outdoor thermometer is to stay acquainted with the temperature readings without leaving your comfort zone.

You can have the readings just with the assistance of the app installed in your smartphone and need not leave your place to check or keep an eye on the fluctuating readings. 

11. Can indoor outdoor thermometers also possess some other features in addition to offer temperature readings?

There can be various additional features that you can enjoy with the various models of the indoor outdoor thermometer. The features can include barometric pressure, humidity values, alarms, moon phase, graphical interpretations, etc. You can have the set of features that you wish to possess with the indoor outdoor thermometer in addition to temperature evaluation.


A thermometer is so much more than just a device that measures temperature. Owning an indoor outdoor thermometer proves highly beneficial and served to improve your health and lifestyle. You can check the temperature and humidity levels of many rooms and locations in your property without physical exertion at your comfort.

You can ensure that you have good quality air, set alarms, protect your valuables, care for your plants and pets and protect the structural integrity of the house as the device lets you know the optimum settings on your thermostat or humidifier. Our above picks are bound to serve you well, and we are sure you won't be disappointed.

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